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Updated Address and contact info for
Rev. Kevin Harris, Missionary to the Philippines

Kevin & Joan Harris
P.O. Box 81828
DAVAO City, Philippines
Cell: 011-63-920-228-7606

Web Site:

Surprising facts
Women of Knox provide support Rev. Kevin Harris receives support for his dangerous missionary work in rural Philippines

After a fact filled presentation about islands of the Philippines and sampling various ethnic food including lechon (roast pig but without the head) Becky Proctor presented Reverend Harris with a check from the Women of Knox to continue his work with no less than seven churches in the rural jungles of the Philippines.

You can E-mail Kevin at:


 Photos from Madagascar with Cindy Zimmer's comments have been posted. Click here to view all ten.

+ + +
This is news from the Zimmers, members at Knox, who have been serving at the US Embassy in Tanananarivo. Cindy Wackerbarth, the Mission Education Elder has been in communication with Cindy Zimmer about a small way that we could be involved with mission there. These are excerpts of Cindy Zimmer's messages to us:


.........Pencils would be very much appreciated.......Our church is going to the orphanage tomorrow to check on a chicken project we began last year. They had a chicken coop built, and we donated training for older kids in chicken care, and 50 chicks. The goal is egg production so the orphanage can sell them. Tomorrow after church we are going to take picnic lunches and see the progress on the farm.


As of today none of the boxes have arrived. I have a few photos of the orphanage I am sending to you which you can put up at Knox. We appreciate all of the love and generosity from everyone who contributed to the supplies for the kids. I look forward to delivering the items and seeing all of their smiling faces.


The boxes (4 of them) arrived this week. We are leaving today for 10 days of travel around  Madagascar, so I am planning to open them and go to the orphanage when we return. I promise to
take photos so everyone at Knox can see where and to whom these special supplies are going.

Thanks so much for putting this together. It will mean so much to the children and the workers there.

We are enjoying "summer vacation", even though it is technically winter here in the southern hemisphere. I have always been away from post in July and August, so this is very different. Most of our friends have moved or are on vacation, so it is pretty quiet. I have lots of time to read, and chip away at moving details at a leisurely pace. When we return from our road trip, I will have to go into packing overdrive since we will be down to 2 1/2 weeks left here. Right now our plan is to leave post on August 11, with the e-mail ending on August 6th.

Dan and Kim are well, if not a bit bored since all their good friends are away. This trip to the rainforest and another park, like a little Grand Canyon, is coming at the right time to perk us up.


Yesterday, an Anglican missionary friend of mine accompanied us out to the orphanage to deliver all six boxes. The last two arrived just a few days ago. The director was away at a wedding on the northern tip of Madagascar, but we explained to the ladies who work there what the contents were.

I took photos which are being developed right now. If I can find someone going to the States soon, I'll send them along. We leave in two weeks, and it may be faster to just mail them when I hit US
soil. Either way, I want all of the kind Knoxites who contributed to the project to see who the
recipients were. When the children heard what they were getting, it was like Christmas on their faces. We decided to let the director actually open the boxes and disperse the items.


The director of the orphanage called to thank me, and the people at Knox who helped, for the items sent. She was thrilled to have so many different things for the kids. She said that they would never need to buy pencils again.

Thanks again for the expression of love and compassion for children over here who have so little.

+ + +
Thank you note:

Thanks to everyone at Knox who participated. If people didn't contribute with pencils then they did with money for the postage. We sent 6 boxes of pencils and school related materials. The postage was covered by donations from the congregation. Thank you everyone.

Faithfully in Christ,

Cindy Wackerbarth

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