Sunday Worship Music

During the pandemic, the Adult choir is on hiatus.  Instead, song lyrics are distributed with the Zoom link for the Sunday worship service and the music is led acapella or with piano by a member for attendees to sing along, albeit muted on Zoom.  Songs are a mix of praise songs and traditional songs from our hymnal.

During normal times the Sunday worship service begins with singing praise songs.  Traditional hymns and contemporary songs are included in the worship service.

Adult Choir

The choir sings an anthem during service from September to June.  In addition, the choir sings a communion meditation during the communion service.

The choir meets for practices on Sunday at 9:00 am in the choir room from September to June. Those wishing to join are always welcome.

Tone Chimes Choir

The Tone Chimes Choir perform a couple times a year, mostly playing during offering. Director Nick Snow will let members know when practice will begin for performances. Those that wish to join the Tone Chimes can speak to Director Snow to find out more details.