located in Falls Church, Virginia

A small number of native plant plugs will be available to the Knox congregation and VBS family, April and May, at a cost of $2.00/plug.  Pick up will be at the church.  Quantities may be limited so sign up sooner rather than later.

VBS sign up will be at entry desk.

Knox members and friends, send email to Cindy W.  Your order is confirmed when 

Cindy returns your email.  Payment is when plugs are received/delivered. 

Swamp milkweed, Asclepias incarnata – HOST PLANT for MONARCH BUTTERFLIES

Grows 3’-5’ tall depending on sun light and moisture. Very 

adaptable, sun loving plant that grows in partial shade too. Grows most anywhere. 

Does not need a swamp. It is fairly drought tolerant. Available mid May.

Butterfly weed, Asclepias tuberosa – MONARCH Butterfly HOST PLANT

Needs full sun, regular dry soil without fertilizers.  Grows 2 feet tall and needs a1 ½ -2 ft spread.  

Blooms all summer.  Available mid May.

Lance leaf Coreopsis, Coreopsis lanceolata – pollinator favorite

Grows 2’-3’ tall with an equal spread.  Grows in full sun, adapts of all fairly well drained soil, is

drought resistant. Plants host several types of moth caterpillars.  Finches and other songbirds

feed on the ripe seed. Available mid April

New Jersey Tea, Ceanothus americanus

New Jersey tea grows up to 3’, grows best in full sun/light shade, well drained average to dry 

soil, drought tolerant, host plant for Spring and Summer Azure and Eastern Tailed

Blue butterflies. Available early May

Knox Presbyterian property is a nationally recognized Monarch Way Station. That means we have milkweed, the host plant, and other nectar plants. It is also a Presbyterian USA Earth Care Congregation. As an Earth Care Congregation Knox endeavors to care for the sacred Creation by taking action with regard to education, worship, facilities, and outreach. Planting native plants is part of our ministry. These plants provide for our insects, caterpillars, pollinators, birds and ultimately ourselves. The plant plugs are available through a local educational non-profit, friend of Knox Presbyterian. Credits for pictures: New Moon Nursery.

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