Sunday Book Group

The Knox Book Group meets in Fellowship Hall after Worship, Fellowship, and Adult Learning for Life at about 12:30 pm once every 5 weeks, depending on other activities and holy days.*  The Knox Book Group discusses both fiction and non-fiction books.  All are welcome, whether or not you have read the book.  Future books are suggested and selected by the group members. We try to select books of moderate length which are available from the public library

*Currently, the Book Group is meeting on Zoom online. To receive a link to Book Group meetings, please contact the church office.

June 6       Escape from Paris           by Carolyn Hart  Discussion-Barbara

Romantic suspense amid the chaos of a world at war. The year is 1940. As England braces for invasion and the German army overruns Europe, two American sisters in Paris risk their lives to save a downed British airman from Nazi arrest. Linda Rossiter and Eleanor Masson soon realize the price they may pay when they read this ominous public notice: “All persons harbouring English soldiers must deliver same to the nearest Kommandantur not later than 20 October 1940. Those persons who continue to harbour Englishmen after this date without having notified the authorities will be shot.” On Christmas Eve, the Gestapo sets a trap, and death is only a step behind the two American women.

July 11  Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s journey into the Afterlife by Eben Alexander  Dr. Alexander was in a coma for a week – a near death experience. In this book, he narrates his spiritual journey during that week and the ways in which it changed his life.

August 22 – Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows: A Novel by Balli Jau Jaswal   Nikki, who tends bar in West London, and has spent much of her life avoiding her family’s traditional Sikh community, finds herself hired to teach  “creative writing” in the local community center to a class of Sikh widows who want to learn English. Her efforts and the widows’ interests turn the class in an unexpected and creative way.